We haven’t seen the Play Station hype like this since the release of the OG Play Station Two console, there have been two preorder sellouts, and there’s bound to be more. Celebrities are posting crazy, and the common mortals are anticipating too, but what’s all the hype about really.

The design looks different, the price similar to the Xbox contemporary, and it’s available in a whole new colorway. Well, today, we’ll get to the bottom of it.


As a trending gamer, it’s either you are a FIFA guy or a PES enthusiast, either you’re into Football Manager or Championship Manager, either you’re a PS lover or an Xbox enthusiast. It’s never an option to be both.

The introduction of Ps5 has also coincided with the introduction of  Xbox Series X. So which one’s the better fit for your gaming pleasure? Well, it terms of money, both consoles are available for a whopping $499. If it wasn’t for factors like the pandemic, freshness, and viewer demand, we might have raised the alarm over the price but let’s check out what you’ll be getting for that price.

When it comes to internal specs, the Xbox series X is a wee bit more powerful than the PS5, but that difference is minuscule when it comes to actual gameplay. As regards storage, the Xbox has a slight edge with one terabyte of hard drive space when compared to the PS5′s 825 gigabytes. Indeed, other storage options are available for extra cash. However, consoles have similar specs after that. They both have 16 gigabytes of memory and support 4K and 8K resolution gaming.


No matter the hype for a product, it’s a bit maddening to have it sell out twice in succession. Common, are we talking about limited VIP tickets to a Drake and Travis Scott concert? The Play Station 5 isn’t even out, and it’s selling like wildfire, the games like FIFA, UFC, Street Fighting, and GTA are selling out too, and celebrities are getting in on the fun.

What’s the explanation for such a fervent demand? Well, it might be down to a couple of factors. The first factor is a markedly different marketing strategy when compared to other editions. In the days of PS2, PS3, and PS4, Twitter wasn’t as powerful as it is now, so advertising was still old-fashioned.

But now, social media has replaced large parts of traditional marketing, and big companies are leveraging on this; thanks to this remarkable change, companies can reach out to potential buyers easier, and preorders are just a click away.

The second factor is the new design; there’s no doubt that the design of the PS5 is way doper than the previous iterations; it’s attractive, solid, and different. It is coupled with the ad videos. It has given consumers something to look forward to.

The third and final factor is also a general increase in the popularity of professional gaming, the world has become a global online village, gaming is lucrative, and there’s a bigger buzz than ever before. The PS5 just came at the right time.


I understand the hype, and I totally get the fact that preorders are selling out faster than Adele albums, but I still have my reservations about the whole console. These reservations are more borne out of the lackluster nature of some aspects of the previous iteration of the Play Station and nothing more.

First things first, the PS4 had less exclusive games when compared to the Xbox One. HALO 5, FORZA Motorsport, Titan Fall. Gosh, and that’s just the tip of the list. It sucked being a Play Station loyalist in that period.

Furthermore, my friends got the better of me in the game controller war, and I must admit I was bamboozled. The Xbox one controller had it over the PS4 controller (your preference might be different, though). The Xbox controller is also more versatile as it can be used to play games on the PC as well.

And last but not least, the Xbox One has Skype readily available for In-Game Chat. It’s a no brainer here as it’s about time to include a significant player in the social media industry to the world of gaming. Sadly, the Xbox franchise beat its Play Station counterpart to it. There’s just something insanely dope about switching between in-game chatting and chatting with a distant family member without ever having to put down your controller.

In a nutshell, the Play Station 5 would be upon us on 12th November, and there’s going to be more than enough time to preorder your own customized copy. It has promised to be a game-changer (literally and figuratively), it looks like a game-changer (I mean check-out the design), and the celebrities are up to their usual antics (I see you, Travis Scott). It depends on what boat you’re on but left to me. The PS5 is worth all the hype. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint.

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