Michael Beasley: ‘Do I have to be in Delonte West’s shoes to get help?’

“Do I have to be in Delonte West’s shoes to get help?” said Beasley. “No disrespect to Delonte West or people in his position. But, what does it take to do the right thing? My whole life I asked for help. People called me crazy. “I don’t leave the house. I play basketball, and I go home. I don’t care what y’all do no more. I try to talk to my kids as much as I can. I’ve reached out so much, so many times to different people and it’s just, I have to die with some kind of dignity.”
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James Boyd @
This interview was phenomenal! Big s/o to @Realrclark25 and those guys over at @thepivot. Michael Beasley kept it all the way real. Probably one of the most unique interviewees I’ve ever heard!
With everything Beas went through, he deserves it all! PM
In closing the episode, Clark continues to push Beasley on if he’s ready to retire from pro basketball before closing the episode reiterating Taylor’s points about Beasley spreading his message and hoping that discussing these issues will be a pivot in Beasley’s life.  “I’m gonna retire how I want to retire,” said Beasley. “I can’t live my life on your terms. I can’t just let my dream die. So…no.” -via YouTube / March 16, 2022
In an episode debuting today at 12 p.m. ET on “The Pivot Podcast” YouTube Channel, Beasley, who last played in the league during 2018-19 season, dove deep on the narratives about him that dominated the public conversation regarding his eleven-year career. “Everybody sees me and makes their own narrative, and I just shut up,” said Beasley. “I have to sit there and watch a billion people tell me what they think, or this and that, without anyone hearing shit from me.” -via YouTube / March 15, 2022
“Despite everything you’re saying, people will still sit back and laugh at us,” said Beasley. “Look at what Antoine Walker went through and people just sat there and made jokes about it. Even Allen Iverson was a joke to them for a while. “Being black is so fake right now. Motherf***rs only care when someone dies and it’s time for the cameras to show up. People are out here every day saying that they need help. It’s in the music we’re listening to. Everyone needs help, but everyone is out here walking like they have it all together.” -via YouTube / March 15, 2022

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