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French Travel Ban

Latest on French border closures and your ski holiday

Dec 27 2021

To those affected by the French border closures, this knee jerk reaction to the latest variant of Covid has left many skiers feeling utterly dejected by their inability to be able to travel to their much anticipated Christmas or New Year ski holiday.

We hope to welcome Brits back on the slopes very soon in January and our staff are waiting in resort to receive you. The outlook for snow is good and the current conditions are excellent for those lucky enough to be on the slopes this festive period. Conditions are an historic best, for this time of year.

The ban took place from midnight on Saturday the 18th December 2021 and the French Government have restricted all non essential travel to France for both professional and touristic reasons. The reasons are listed here. If you fulfil the ‘essential reasons’ criteria, to travel you will have to take proof of a negative anti-gen or PCR test taken within 24 hours of arrival in France from the UK. You will then have to register your interest in traveling to France and quarantine for at least 48 hours on arrival, then take another PCR test. Then, only if negative you can leave your quarantine.Proof of your eligibility to travel will have to be taken to your ferry, tunnel or flight check-in.

You may transit through France, but such a trip must be completed within a 24 hour period and this has provoked some ingenious travel plans for intrepid Brits, hell bent on getting away this Christmas. And after 20 months of waiting to ski again, who can blame them?

Is my holiday protected?

It rather depends on your Tour Operator’s terms, however all of our guests affected by the travel ban and are unable to travel this festive period (2021/22) are covered by our Covid Protection policy which enables them to reschedule their holiday for no extra fees or take a credit note for 100% of the cost. Many skiers have Insurance policies with Covid cover for missed travel and holidays, so if you are affected, your policy provider would be a good starting point

How long can we expect these restrictions to last?

The French government decree concerning the travel restriction to France from the UK expires on the January 15th 2022. At the current time, there is no indication of whether this date will be reviewed for an earlier release, or extended further into January 

If I work in France, can I travel there?

Non urgent business travel is not permitted. The ban includes those with professional reasons, and unless it is a serious reason requiring your presence in France, it is our understanding that you may not be able to travel,. Even as a business owner/director.

Is there any way that I can travel to France?

The only solution that comes to mind would be to travel to France via another EU country that has less strict rules. The risk of this would be if those countries’ rules changed or for some reason your passport was checked and you had to quarantine. We have travelled back to the UK from France since the ban, and it was straightforward and needed no diversion or extra process other than the obligatory 24 hour test.

I have a holiday home in France and need to check on it. Can I travel?

We have no definitive answer on this one. Having said that, if the reason was serious and you could prove such a reason then we believe you would be allowed to visit.

Can I fly to Geneva and cross from Switzerland to France to get around the new rules?

We don’t believe this is the case, unless you have valid proof of a destination that is not in France. Though many have tried and succeeded to fly into Geneva and cross the border, we are told that the Gendarmes are stopping transfer buses and clamping down on visiting skiers. If the method becomes popular, we suspect the Gendarmes will spend more resource on tackling intrepid skiers from getting to the mountains before January 15th.

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