Adidas did a sneaker collab with The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders

We’re not sure if we will ever understand the sneakerhead subculture. Don’t get us wrong, we love a nice pair of shoes as much as the next bipedal human, but the truly dizzying variety, range of quality, and diehard fanbase makes the whole endeavor an extremely intimidating hobby to dip one’s toes into (so to speak). That said, we do understand The Simpsons subculture—a show also most certainly known for its dizzying variety, range of quality, and diehard fanbase—so we’re confident in our assessment that this strange new line of Ned Flanders-influenced Adidas sneakers count as a Good Thing.


The upcoming, oddball shoe line uses the Adidas McCarten design as a template, with olive and brown suede-accented by a pink ankle lining inspired by Flanders’ trademark outfit. Each pair will arrive in a box featuring an illustration of America’s favorite annoying next door neighbor holding up a “Left Handers Rule!” sign in reference to the classic Season 3 episode, “When Flanders Failed” and Ned’s doomed Leftatorium mall store. Check out a couple addition images of the kicks below:

Photo: Adidas
Photo: Adidas

The new Adidas x Flanders collab (it felt as strange to type as it was for you to read it) will be available beginning on October 3, the 30th anniversary of the Season 3 episode, for $130.

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In adjacent The Simpsons news: The show has become so influential that it now shapes quantum physicists’ theories about the shape of the entire universe… well, that might be a bit of a logical leap from realizing that we all may be living in a giant, cosmic donut, but after 32 years and 700 episodes, it’s bound to have some kind of strange effect on the world around us. Well, hopefully other than that one problematic influence, at least.

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